The story behind Textures by Louis

A new chapter in life can bring so much. When Louis bought his house in Amersfoort, 2021, he knew one thing for sure: the walls deserve more textures and colour. The rest is history. Through extensive experience in creating art with textures, different colors and fabrics, Textures by Louis was born. Each artwork is handmade and based on sustainable materials (linen and plaster) according to the customer's wishes: which means you.

Personalization, sustainability and timeless design are the characteristics of his art. At Textures by Louis, the most important thing is to create the work of art of your dreams: in terms of size, color and vibe. That is why Textures by Louis always has personal contact with its customers. In addition, Textures by Louis creates its works of art in a sustainable manner. By choosing linen & cotton as basic materials, he contributes to an ecologically responsible society. That is why a work of art from Textures by Louis is an honest, responsible choice.